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Parties are a fun way to experience the magic of this product with your friends. I come to you, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

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By becoming a Loyal Customer you will start saving as much as 45% off all products. Share your page and gain 10 perk points.



It Works! will not only trim your waistline, but it can “fatten” your wallet, too! Become a wrapreneur and get started today!

Join It Works Global It Works Body WrapsIt Works Make money from home body wraps

How do I make money with It Works?

Cash Sales: I LOVE cash sales! Commission checks are paid out once a month, but we have the opportunity to make cash whenever we sell a wrap! We buy our wraps for the same price as the loyal customer price, $59 for a 4 pack, and we turn around and sell single wraps for $25 apiece. With our Applicator Rewards we are able to buy a 4 pack for only $25 which means even more of a profit! Wraps are the ONLY product we keep on hand!

Loyal Customer Sales: We make 15% on all of our loyal customer sales. With the loyal customer program they must stay on an auto-ship for AT LEAST 3 months to qualify. What does that mean for you? Residual income. Once you sign up a loyal customer you are guaranteed to earn from them for 3 months but our averages loyal customers stay on their auto-ship for 7-8 months! PLUS for every 2 loyal customers you sign up, you receive your Applicator Reward that can be redeemed for a 4 pack of wraps for only $25.

Retail Sales: You will more than likely not get many retail sales, because the loyal customer program is just so wonderful and such a huge savings! If someone does order retail from you, you earn the difference from retail price to loyal customer price. Example: Ultimate Body Applicator $59 loyal customer and $99 retail. You would earn $40 on that sale.

Distributor Sales: The % you receive on commission payout is dependent on your level.  The higher the level the deeper the payout

Fast Start Bonus: For every qualified distributor that you sign up, you receive a $99 FSB. A qualified distributor means they MUST get 2 loyal customers within their first 30 days. This is why you need to train them, launch them and help them. You do not want to miss out on your $99 bonus. The fast start bonuses are paid out weekly instead of monthly, which is great perk!



It Works Body Wraps available in Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway.



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What Client’s Say

After one body wrap with shandi, my stretch marks and c-section scare are less noticeable. My tummy is tighter and my skin feels really great. I love the overall feeling of the wraps I am definitely going to try more of the products and recommend the products the friends.
Nikkole H., oakville, ON