30 Day Squat Challenge

 Get that tight tush you always wanted!

What is the 30 Day Squat Challenge?

It’s a simple 30-day exercise plan, where you do a set number of squats each day with a rest day thrown in every 3rd day. You start by completing 50 squats on Day 1, and slowly increase to a maximum of 250 by Day 30.

What are the benefits of the 30 Day Squat Program?

Squats obviously help strengthen and tone your leg and butt muscles, but they also:

  • Improve abdominal and back strength
  • Burn calories from all the muscles involved
  • Promote general flexibility

Completing the Program

Follow along with the table below to complete the challenge. Print out or save the schedule below to stay on track. It’s okay to take short breaks if you’re having trouble completing all the repetitions for the day.

30 day Squat Challenge

How to Squat with Good Form

  • Your feet should be about shoulder width apart or slightly wider. An easy way to figure out where your feet should be is to stand in a relaxed stance and then take a small hop in front of you. Where your feet land should give you an idea of the proper positioning
  • Look straight ahead and keep your back straight as you lower yourself down by bending your knees
  • The movement should resemble sitting down in a chair
  • Only lower yourself down as far as you feel comfortable
  • Don’t let your heels lift off the ground

    How to Do a proper Squat

Staying on Track

With any exercise program, the key to success is consistency. Mark your calendar with the daily number of squats for each day or leave the schedule someplace where you’ll see it everyday.

Think about how great you’ll feel once you finish all 250 squats.

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Good luck!

How To Maximize Results

Apply a Body Wrap to each butt/thigh area on REST days and drink plenty of water. This will help in tightening, toning and give a nice lift to your booty! Make sure when using the Body Wraps you are following my How to’s & Tips.

It Works Body Wraps Butt Thighs